About us

We must let go of the life we have planned.

Predecessor from the field of refurbished iPhone, SamSung phone shell. we have high quality of technology
We have built and perfected the quality anodizing technology of Apple and SamSung


With our company's motto "PRESTIGE - HIGH QUALITY" we always want to provide the best anodizing service to promote the contribution of local production and processing ratio in Vietnam with international quality.
ANOKA - Specializes in the processing and finishing the surface of professional aluminum materials.
ANOKA Company brings together a team of talented engineers with many years of experience in the class of products in circulation such as iPhone, Samsung, precision electronic components ... to ensure high-quality products with the most optimized time.


To become one of the best companies in Southeast Asia in making a measurable difference and creating the most advanced anodizing facility possible.


To deliver and provide our customers with cost-efficient, world-class coatings that achieved consistent thickness and uniform appearance with repeatable and verifiable results.

Core values

Our core values are demonstrated by our excellent team of professional, dedicated, honest, hard-working employees, committed to customers and a corporate culture that encourages open communications, accountability, and respect.